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Athletic Perscription Sunglasses – great price!

Okay what does this post have to do with IP technology? Well not much – but a great thing about having your own blog is you can pick the subject! This blog entry is outside my normal topic – except … Continue reading

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"Troubleshooter" makes a Screaming Deal

Tom Martino -aka “The Troubleshooter“– a 25 year TV, radio and news media maverick has come up with many unique marketing ideas over the years. A popular WEB based feature is his “Screaming Deals!” Tom will list limited time, highly … Continue reading

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Cloud Computing Security – like Banking.

Since “cloud computing” involves placing your data in an enironment that uses PC’s and storage you don’t have direct physical access to, people get concerned.  Similar concerns existed when people first started using banks – worrying if their money would be safe in someone elses hands? They … Continue reading

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Cloud Computing – Huge cost advantages

Excerpt from 12/2/08 Blog of James Hamilton of Microsoft Corporation I’ve been arguing for several years that the utility computing pricing model and the ability to near instantly grow or shrink, make the move to the cloud inevitable. Google, Microsoft, … Continue reading

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.TEL – the ultimate Phone/Address Book?

Let’s face it our Phone / Address books are out of control. Can technology solve the very problem it has established via an overwhelming plethora of addresses for contacting someone? One company (telnic) is suggesting the Internet itself might solve … Continue reading

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Please visit the (Google Apps For Your Domain on NETwork) listing in the official Google Apps Solutions Provider directory. We fully integrate your organization’s technology and network with Google Apps, either the Standard, Education (Non-Profit) or Premier edition, as … Continue reading

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