Web Myth #3 – Web Presence is not the same as Web Site

In my prior post ”Web Myth #1 – Domain Name equals Web Site” I used the analogy of a house and building permit to describe the difference between two related but very different items.  In a similar manner Web Sites and Web Presence are even more closely related, but still need to be considered 2 different items.

Iceberg, tip above and presence below

Iceberg, tip above and presence below

Consider an iceberg.  The tip sticking out above the water’s surface would be considered the “web site”.  The much more massive and significant part, under the water and sort of invisible is what would be considered “web presence”.  The iceberg is still just one thing, but it is viewed as 2 very distinct parts, and what makes it powerful is the part under the water.

On the Internet it takes a whole lot more than just controlling the layout, size, and physical appearance of your Web Site to create Web Presence and “presence” is what is most important.

Remembering that a Domain name is a Web site’s address, it is understandable you want to generate as much awareness of and access to that Domain name as possible.  In this case you want to attract people to the iceberg! The web site is the touch point and the most visible part of your Web Presence, the part the public sees. However you must be constantly expanding your web presence in order for your iceberg to become important and stand out among all the other icebergs so to speak.  Wikipedia.org lists the following as leading elements as material to creating Web Presence (click each word to see associated Wikipedia description).

E-mail ……………………. Websites ……………………. Web Directories

Blogs ……………………… Search Engine listings…… Internet Forums

Social Networks* ……..  Word of Mouth ……………  Minisites

* Social Networks may include; MySpace, Facebook and YouTube

The list above shows that establishing comprehensive web presence can involve a lot of time and effort.  Plus, the web is every changing, so the effort must be ongoing not something that is done just once. Ultimately web presence has 3 basic levels of complexity;

  • Simple presence – such as having a Domain name and Web Site, even if it’s only a simple placeholder site. Something can’t be found, indexed or searched if it doesn’t first exist.
  • Be Findable – get your Domain name and Company identity placed where people go, link directories.  Both quantity and quality can be important.
  • Be Search Optimized – this can be as much an “art” as it is science. Since people try to cheat to get fast ranking and placement.  Search engine companies are always changing the rules to counter this.  But certain basics do apply, and being patient is important.  A review is available in this post “Web Myth #2 – Web Sites Automatically Show Up In Search Engines”.

Google Apps For Your Domain via the Net

The key to cost effective Web Presence is to leverage. Work to make sure as much normal day to day activity (i.e. getting email) is building and enhancing the presence of your Domain, not the Domains of AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail and others. Call 303-932-8146, to learn how this can be done via Google Apps “Standard” version for $0/month ongoing costs.

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