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Gmail does Text Messaging – Blog 1/6

It started with Will E-mail soon be called E-comm?  This blog post is #1 in a series revealing just how much classic e-mail software has evolved into a Unified Communications software. Gmail, most often thought of as only an e-mail … Continue reading

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Google Apps in the White House?

During spring of 2009 we’ve witnessed a material transformation in the Executive Branch of government as Barack Obama added two new roles to the Presidential Cabinet.   One of them (Vivek Kundra) has being of note for transitioning an entire city … Continue reading

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Will E-mail soon be called E-comm ?

The 1st in a series of 6-8 blog posts highlighting E-mail’s progression to becoming a general E-communications software, with focus on Google’s G-mail (a core component of the offering.) Email, email, email – seems endless at times!  We often … Continue reading

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Local, Local, Local (WEB)

A major shift is taking place on the web – your business may need to make some adjustments to both accommodate and take advantage of these changes.  Here is the story, are you taking advantage of this opportunity? “ Location, … Continue reading

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UMA, kinda like IP Magic!

My good friend Ric, a T-Mobile (world’s largest wireless carrier) sales engineer stopped by my house this past Saturday to show me something called UMA on his Blackberry.  This stuff was really cool – it has to be making Qwest … Continue reading

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