Power of Collaboration – gaining competitive leverage in business

Collaboration(*) everyone is talking about it – but who is really doing it? ANS: huge organizations  whom you’d think could afford to do anything on their own.  Yet they are smart enough to know it’s better to leverage by partnering and creating win/win/win situations.

Here’s one of the most interesting examples of the power of collaboration I have seen.  Six (6) gigantic organizations – each being being able to afford doing this alone – but in reality would never have pulled it off without the collective resources and cooperation of the others.

GOAL: promote the abilities of a new product/service offering in real time to a “mobile” audience in a way that provided them immediate personalized benefit, at no cost and with minimum effort on their behalf.

END RESULT: On the busiest shopping day of the year (Black Friday), give any person with a cell phone (all your potential prospects) the ability to make a simple voice call AND experience a “Live / Real Time” demonstration of your new service.  Plus provide them a personalized benefit and simultaneously show anyone in the world the whole event in progress.  Via combination of the largest, most viewed outdoor sign displays in the country and an Internet Webcam .  This is collaboration on steroids!!

NYC Times Square


  1. The Public at large (customers and/or prospects) – anybody that owned a cell phone
  2. Motorola – a global electronics manufacturer who is introducing the DROID smart phone, an iPhone competitor
  3. Google – the global internet services / software developer, promoting a voice driven business, location or landmark map search service
  4. Verizon – the largest cell phone network provider in the US and the  #1 retailer of the DROID product
  5. Reuters – owners of a massive 19,200 sq. ft. LED display system over NYC Times Square
  6. New York City – a world renown metropolitan complex with enforcement control responsibility for legal compliance of all TIMES SQUARE signage advertising content
  7. THE INTERNET (and IP) – which provided both the actual search results as well as the ability for anyone in the world to view the signage via a Live Streaming Webcam feed.

HOW IT WORKED: Teaming / Partnering / Integrated Effort / Affiliation / Knowledge Exchange – every one of the above mentioned parties was required for the end result to be achieved.  It took collaboration to think of the concept, to assemble and test all the pieces and even the involved cooperation of the general public (they made the phone call) to actually perform the process.

The high-tech world is often filled with a basic irony – that which looks the most simple, takes the greatest effort to assemble.  So what appears basic and straight forward (i.e. obtaining directions to a local store) to a customer – in fact requires a coordinated and balanced effort amongst a large team, frequently of dis-similar perspectives operating in a unified fashion.

So, If your company and your team lack necessary internet tools (GAFYD.net) to execute cost effective collaboration in today’s market – while your competition is doing it – you can bet you will be adding more tics to your LOSE column.

NOTE: TechEn enterprises llc (creators of GAFYD.net) are actively seeking collaborative and partnering opportunities to explore and extend our market reach – if interested call 303-932-8146.

(*) where two or more people or organizations work together in an intersection of common goals — for example, an endeavor that is creative in nature—by sharing knowledge, learning and building consensus.

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