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Share Good Wishes and more in everyone’s Native Language

For millions (billions?) of people around the globe, the last quarter of the year involves recognition, observance and celebration of major religious holidays.  A wonderful part of this time is the emphasis on positive and shared commonalities of mankind – … Continue reading

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Consumption based Billing for Internet / WEB

Flat-Rate or Usage based (Consumption) billing for Internet access?  It remains an open and controversial topic and raises many issues (Net Neutrality being one). What impact will it have on the mass movement toward cloud computing? The vast majority of … Continue reading

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The FLU steps on my FUN

In 2009 “…The FDA changed all three (flu) strains for this year’s influenza vaccine—an unusual occurrence.” and that is still no guarantee you will avoid it!  In mid February I took “planned time off” to recover from this past year’s … Continue reading

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Athletic Perscription Sunglasses – great price!

Okay what does this post have to do with IP technology? Well not much – but a great thing about having your own blog is you can pick the subject! This blog entry is outside my normal topic – except … Continue reading

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Instant Mobility #1, Worldwide (available 24×7)

My Oct 20th post “Road to Instant Mobility” introduced the fact that IP networks, provide the core foundation for “Cloud Computing” technology. Since IP networks are a Global Standard, that means you also get instant Worldwide distance computing. But Distance … Continue reading

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Colorado Entrepreneurship Marketplace 10/10/08

The Colorado Rural Development Council, host organization of this event invites you and ALL rural based businesses to join them OCT 10th at the 1st Annual event focused on “growing Colorado from within.” The full day event includes Exhibits, 6 … Continue reading

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Nothing permanent except CHANGE

There is nothing permanent except CHANGE (Heraclitus – ancient Greek Philosopher) An inevitable law of nature – and also a perpetual promise of politicians in election years!We’re not waiting till election day, WE ARE CHANGING starting Oct -2008. You will … Continue reading

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Internet Impact on Political Media

Is Google the New Media Mogul? by The Motley Fool Aug/2008 “…This month, Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) will sponsor a two-story headquarters for bloggers at the DNC in Denver. It’s planning a similar setup for the Republican convention in September….” “Does … Continue reading

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Google / Dooble Winner

Google / Doodle contest winner – Lisa Waiwaina (age 11). Kids showing a pure and loving heart – they are our future. PAAO – Parental Alienation Awareness Organization is a non-profit education based organization. It tells the story of kids … Continue reading

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Partnering with the Big Guys

Partnering is everything in today’s complex world. No one person or single company can handle everything that must get done. So how do you pick good partners? There is no greater natural partnering than that between a parent and their … Continue reading

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